Call of Duty 4: Halo killer Modern Warfare beta (review)

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Call of Duty 4’s beta registration closed last night and to our surprise, Community Relations Manager known as FourZeroTwo, announced that everyone who signed up for the beta will be accepted. Mentioning it was his way of saying sorry. I got my token early last night, but if you haven’t received any email, you should wait one more day. It would also be a good idea to add their email to your list because i found mine in the junk folder.

So i got a to play for a few hours last night and i was very impressed. After the first 10-minutes of OMGWTF i finally got the hang of the controls. I found myself pressing “Y” to jump, probably because I’ve been playing nothing but Bioshock for the last week, but i really love the game so far.

CoD4 is a melting pot of all the previous games and that’s a good thing! They include all the great features that the previous ones had, but the way they incorporate everything is where the game shines. Airstrikes, Radars and the good ol’ Helicopter is not what you think. They are only earned when you take down 3, 5 or 7 enemies in a row. Don’t worry too much about them, because their threat level is moderate. Airstrikes can be avoided by taking cover or just sprinting out of the way and Helicopters are NOT player controlled and can be taken down with grenade launchers, RPGs or even a few clips of an M4.

The ranking system was taken from CoD3 but greatly improved. As you kill, you gain experience, which leads to promotions. The more promotions you get, the more weapons you unlock and every weapon has a “challenge”. (example: get 25 kills with M16a4 and you unlock the red-dot scope for that gun only) Rewards haven’t felt so good in so long!

Only one thing bothers me, it’s the feeling of sliding. When you’re walking normally there is no gun movement. Only while sprinting, the gun sways. The amount of action in one game will easily put that out of your mind though.
If you were a fan of Counter Strike’s knife, then you probably enjoy CoD’s backhand stab!

Could this be a Halo killer? i may become a believer

– Jerome “the360loop” Francisco –


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