New Shadowrun patch available

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A new patch for Shadowrun is available and will be automatically downloaded when you attempt to play on Xbox Live.


  • Dwarves can no longer be unawared with the katana or Artifact.
  • Elves’ regeneration ability has been tweaked:
    • Increased time before Elf begins to heal by a quarter second.
    • Increased essence cost of healing by ~15%.


  • Enemy footstep audio will now be easier to hear in Live games.


  • Bot difficulty will scale with players’ average Trueskill in Public Match games.


  • Added “Advanced Settings” screen when setting up a Private Game, which contains the following options:
    • Max players – Ability to determine the maximum number of players that can join the game
    • Preferences – Ability to use the preferences of all players to determine the map rotation
    • Handicapping – Ability to turn Karma on or off
  • Fixed “stop” functionality for when a game-start countdown has begun in the lobby.
  • Improved messaging for when your party is split or rejoined due to team balance.
  • Improved messaging about Artifact clearing bodies in Attrition.


  • Improved server reliability.

Dedicated Server

  • Improved voting reliability.
  • Improved network reliability.
  • Improved error messaging.


  • Local Match games can now be played without a profile.
  • Fixed numerous crashes.
  • Fixed numerous exploits and glitches.
  • Improved Vista multi-monitor functionality.

– Jerome “the360loop” Francisco –


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