Stranglehold demo: The quickie Review

John Woo’s Stranglhold is not your ordinary slow-mo shooter. With its fairly simple controls it surprises you with the many different features it offers.  Imagine your regular third person shooter with slow motion. Then add a touch load of Hollywood theatrics. Were talking sliding/running up and down rails, diving from any height, no reloading, falling signs and exploding propane tanks to name a few. Not to mention, that’s only in the demo.

But if you aren’t too distracted from the the bullets, flashing lights and explosions, you will notice a few problems with the game. In the demo the cover button did not seem to get much use. In fact i don’t remember using it at all. Pressing the cover button on a corner or pillar will put you against the wall, but pressing it next to a table will kick it over, but when the table is on its side, you cant even cover behind it. Odd..
Another problem; excessive sliding. Watch the magical Chow Yun Fat slide over every table and ledge. Backwards, forwards, any way you want. Most times sliding over tables you don’t want to slide over and a lot of times i think to myself it just might be too sensitive.

Overall, I think its a pretty good game. If you want to pick up a controller, kill some guys and not worry too much about exploring, then this is probably more of your game. Personally I think its a great rental, but doesn’t seem like something that could last.

– Jerome “the360loop” Francisco –


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