Halo 3: New Weapons and the “no online co-op” scandal

Recently a lot of info on Halo3 was leaked once again. Some good, some frighteningly horrible.

First off, some new weapons were revealed, as well as some vehicles. I’ll make it easier on everyone by just listing it.

  • Weapons
    • Mauler (dual wield-able brute shotgun)
    • Gravity Hammer
  •  Equipment
    • Flare (described as a flashbang)
    • Regenerator (replenishes shields)
  •  Vehicles
    • Prowler
    • Hornet
    • Elephant

 If you haven’t already heard, online co-op may be trashed. [insert screams] i know, i feel your pain also. Try not to pull out all your hair because it still isn’t for certain, but the way Frank O’Connor puts it, it seems like online co-op may not be coming. Blasphemy i say! He says that the team is working on a way to implement it properly. Mentioning that players can be great distances away from each other deeming one player practically useless. Wait… that’s stupid because Halo and Halo2 didn’t have that problem with it offline. It would just warp you to the next checkpoint. I’m no rocket scientist, but shouldn’t that be simple to put into this version also? How about a pick-up system like they had in Gears. I’m not talking about copying it completely, but usually if you need to help another player, that restricts other players from venturing out too far alone. Well Frank finishes off by saying “If we can make it happen in a way that works well, we will – and if it works badly, we won’t.”

Honestly i don’t see how this isn’t a priority feature they should have thought of in the beginning. With the success of online co-op in Gears of Wars, they especially should know how much the fans want it. If online co-op isn’t included in the game, then Bungie should put their best running shoes on, cause there is gonna be a witch burning and the crowd will be screaming “Burn Bungie Burn”.

– Jerome “the360loop” Francisco –


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