Call of Duty 4 Perk: Deep Impact

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has been on my radar lately. If you haven’t seen the multiplayer content interview, it talks about the different new features they are integrating into COD4. Each player can create their own class where “you get to design your classes the way you want to play. You can pick out of all the assortments of guns you want to use, attachments to put on the gun(grips, scopes and silencers), camo schemes(you can change the color of your gun. however you want)”. The person also mentions the new Perk system where you can have different skills that could improve your character in many different ways. You probably have already seen Last Stand, now another video is out, this time on the perk Deep Impact.

On the COD4 forums an admin talks a bit about the new Bullet Penetration system that works with Deep Impact.


This week week were showing off the multiplayer perk, Deep Impact. Before I jump into the details of what Deep Impact allows you to do, heres the low-down on Bullet Penetration in the game.

In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, warfare we have introduced a new Bullet Penetration system to both Single-player and Multiplayer that allows you to shoot through certain objects in the game that would normally be used as cover (i.e. Walls, floors, ceilings).

That said, what you can shoot through depends on three main variables:

* The Ballistics of the weapon youre using.
* The relative thickness of the object youre shooting through.
* The distance between you and the object youre firing into.

These three things determine IF you can shoot through the object, and if you can, how strong the bullet will be once it passes through it.

It changes the entire way you play the game; suddenly its not just about getting to cover, but about getting to hard cover. In multiplayer, this can change your tactics dramatically. Rather than simply picking a weapon to take into a firefight, you can carefully craft your weapons load out to the environment youll be fighting in.

In the video, we made sure to take huge advantage of bullet penetration, showing off how the M249 SAW makes light work of thin plaster walls and wooden floor boards. Now how does the Deep Impact perk play into this?

Well, for a weapon like the M249 Saw (featured in the video), obviously it has the power to easily shoot through plaster walls, wooden floors, and even some fairly thick stone walls–but what about an M4 Carbine, or some other lower caliber rifle? Normally, weapons like these wouldnt be able to penetrate stone walls or thick surfaces like the M249 SAW.

However, if you have Deep Impact selected as a perk, you will have INCREASED bullet penetration on whatever weapon you use. This allows you to pierce thicker objects, and with increased strength as it passes through. Turn Deeper Impact on and your M4 Carbine that used to be stopped by thin walls now penetrates through them easily, taking out anyone attempting to use it as cover.

Keep in mind though; you are limited to only three perks per custom class. So in order to have Deep Impact, youre giving up something else, such as LAST STAND, or another perk. Choices¦. Choices!

[via COD4forums]

– Jerome “the360loop” Francisco –


1 Response to “Call of Duty 4 Perk: Deep Impact”

  1. 1 cod addicted July 31, 2007 at 6:58 pm

    what other perks are there, or where can i find more about them?

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