Prince of Persia Classic comparison


Prince of Persia Classic was released onto the marketplace yesterday for 800 Microsoft Points. The game is a remake of the original Prince of Persia, but has renewed graphics. Also added into the xbox 360 arcade version are new traps, enemies and some new puzzles. Don’t forget it has survival mode where you attempt to complete the game within an hour, like the normal mode, but with only one life. Sounds hard seeing how most of the stages are only passed by trial and error. Survival mode is more for the hardcore Prince of Persia fans who enjoyed the original.

I purchased the game and played a few levels. Honestly, I played the original version, but I was too young to remember it at all. I don’t even remember if i passed the first stage. The game is obviously looks much better than the original but from the video it seems the gameplay is almost exact to the original. If you’ve played and remember the original this may not be a wise purchase for you, unless you want to make your attempt to the survival mode or even the time trails to claim your spot on the leaderboards. But if this is your first time, this would definitely be a great time to experience the original Prince of Persia which brought the series into the spotlight.

This video can be found at It shows the comparison between the original port on the PC and Genesis to the new revised XBLA version.

[via gametrailers]

– Jerome “the360loop” Francisco –


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