New Bioshock detail emerge


I’m sure by now you know what Bioshock is. You probably also know that this game is on my wish list. Well the July issue of EGM will be revealing details of the game. The guys over at GamePlanets were nice enough to make a list.

  • Predicted to be 25 hours long for those who take it slow.
  • Rapture labeled as a “city where the artist would not be censored, where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality, where the great would not be constrained by the small”.
  • Bioshock never forces you to backtrack.
  • Enemies wander around rapture, looking for Adam. They will react to sounds, so be stealthy!
  • Enemies spawn in a different place every time.
  • The Splicer enemies always know when they’re dieing, and will rush to a medical kit once near death.
  • In each section of Rapture, there are three Big Daddies to take out.
  • There are two options once you have the Little Sister to yourself. You can harvest them, killing the girl and getting lots of Adam, or saving her and getting a little.
  • Little Sisters are invincible until the point you harvest them.
  • You can eventually get a camera and you can use it to research enemy weaknesses. Snapping different shots will get you more points. With enough points, you can earn bonuses against different Splicers.
  • A white hat and a black hat – Atlas wants you to harvest all the little sisters, so you can power up your character and get his family out of Rapture, while Tenenbaum wants you to save the Little Sisters, who are his creation.
  • Adam is used at Gatherers’ Gardens to buy different plasmids (powers) and gene tonics (character-tweaking substances).
  • Any contraption, minus the Gatherer’s Gardens, can be hacked into and turned into something that benefits you. E.G, you can hack a medical station to poison Splicers when they come for health.
  • You can build custom Plasmids and customize your weapons.

I’m glad the game can last for 24hours. Not so bad for an FPS. I think Gears of War lasted me around 4 hours. Should be a good game.

[via GamePlanets]

– Jerome “the360loop” Francisco –


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