Shadowrun review


Shadowrun has been released this week as well as Forza2 and i decided to pick up at least one of them. Well when i finally had the chance, I popped the disc in and after a short movie scene i found myself at the main menu. At this point, you pretty much have two choices. You can either go through a training or take you chances and jump straight into battle. PSH! who needs training?

I know you don’t want to read another long review on Shadowrun so make it short and sweet. The sound was mediocre, the gameplay experience is highly addictive and you definitely can find yourself playing one too many games. If you’re looking for a fun game, this is it. I also notice, because it is a team based game, that there isn’t much trash talk. Learning curve is not too hard if you go through training, but if you have experience in FPS with buy menus, you should be able to pick it up quickly.

  • Pros:
  • Cons:
    • Graphics are OK. Its no Gears of War, but you forget all about that while playing
    • Lack of different match types which to me is unacceptable. whats up developers? No campaign, and you cant even get more than 2 types!? DLC better be free especially to 360 owners who had to pay more than the PC version

Shadowrun is a completely new game to many people, but to some of you it may seem all too familiar. Anyone remember Warcraft 3 mod on a game called Counterstike? Team based games and buy menus for weapons and skills for different classes? the Warcraft 3 mod on CS has one thing over this. Although it had the one match, multi-round, games where after the match is over you lose all skills. There were servers that kept your skills over time, had an experience system where you earned exp points for kills and such and used them to buy skills. At the same time making it much harder to earn exp points.

Yeah, the game could use some work and it deserves a big FREE update. But Shadowrun is fun none the less and in the end, you learn to appreciate what it offers. 8 out of 10 (its worth trying)

– Jerome “the360loop” Francisco –


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