Halo 3 Beta: videos, screenshots, everything.

First off, i will try to constantly update this post with everything i can find.


New Weapons:

  • Bungie announced a new weapon at one of the press events. The weapon is called the Missile Pod. The gun will be held like the Turret Gun when pulled off the tripod by pressing B. The Missile pod can lock onto vehicles and will shoot four homing missiles. Bungie describes it as “fire and forget”. By carrying these two types of guns, the view will change to a 3rd person view and will slow your mobility. A video of the guns in use can be seen over here at Kotaku.

  • Spartan Laser to Halo is the Hammer of Dawn to Gears of War. The gun shoots a strong beam that seems to kill anything in its way. It has a targeting beam that can be seen if pointed at you and the gun will operate like any other charge beam.

  • Brute Spike shoots fast like the old Needler. The gun is dual-wieldable, but seems to be strong enough to kill on its own.


  • The Trip Mine, is another equipment weapon that will be used by the mysterious x button. Seems to be more of an anti-vehicle weapon.

  • Along with Trip Mine is the Shield Bubble. Previous videos of the bubble had the shield as a ball that rolled, but in recent videos it has been a stationary bubble.

  • The Portal Gav Lift is another equipment that will be tossed on the ground. This equipment will be stationary and will give you a boost to get into some higher places.

  • The Power Drainer has been said to be the most evil of the equipments. the Power Drainer creates an orb of death. Anybody that touches it will find death.

  • Old Weapons:

    • The Brute Shot seems much stronger than before, but ill try to find more info on this gun later.

    • The M6G will not have a scope like many people have wished for. Sorry Combat Evolve fans. The old plasma pistol is not making a return either, probably will never make another appearance.


    • The Mongoose is the new vehicle that was first shown for Halo 2, but never came. It has no weapons and can carry two players. The Mongoose is much easier to control than the Warthog and much smaller so you can get into those narrow gaps. Need to get somewhere fast? Need to get that flag back home? Then you need the Mongoose.

    There is a great Q&A article over at Kotaku.
    Here are some of the best of the questions:

    1. Are all weapons going to be available in the beta?

      We’re certainly saving some for the final game in the fall. And there’s gonna be a couple weapons that won’t even be shown in multiplayer, they’re going to be campaign only, but you haven’t seen all the multiplayer weapons today, no.

    2. Can you tell us what those power ups are we saw?

      We have a new element in the game called equipment. It’s activated using the X button, you’ll see these items laying around on the floor. They come in all sorts shapes and sizes and they all do different things. There’s a Bubble Shield you might have seen in the TV commercial. There’s a grav lift which will propel people or vehicles into the sky about 20 feet and you can use it to jump over walls. There’s a power drain, which is really, really dangerous. It depletes shields in a large globular radius and toss in a couple grenades at people standing near that and its pretty much a sure kill. There’s a couple of other ones that aren’t in the beta, and you’ll see those in the fall.

    3. Can you tell us about the ranking system?

      There is a ranking system, you’ll see it after a game. You’ll see two numbers. One is RP, which is your ratings points. What they do is signify to everyone exactly how much you’ve played. You also have a skill level, which is matchmaking playlist dependent. So if you go to a matchmaking playlist and you see someone with a really low skill level in Team Slayer, but you see that they have a lot of rating points and a high rank—your rank is associated sergeant, major, whatever—with the number of rating points, you know that they’re not a scrub. It keeps things fair and we can sort of matrix those numbers to keep players more evenly matched. So, you’re not gonna get beat on by experts that are pretending to be noobs.

    Here are some videos of gameplay

    [via Xboxyde, Kotaku]

    – Jerome “the360loop” Francisco –


    1 Response to “Halo 3 Beta: videos, screenshots, everything.”

    1. 1 Kim Naroz June 3, 2007 at 6:06 pm

      Halo 3 is SO FUN!

      Bungie says when Halo 3 is released it will have a Campaign Story Mode with up to four-player Co-Op!

      Being able to play the single-layer Campaign mode of Halo 3 is going to be FUN, but being able to play it with four of my friends at the same time is FOUR times as much fun!

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