Pinball FX Multiball Trick!


Remember the old days? Hanging out at the arcades wasting quarters on a single arcade game? ever played the game so much you found a secret way to get free games? Whether it be unplugging the whole arcade machine or just kicking it in the right spot, there was that feeling of returning to same arcade and playing that game you love. Well originally i was going to write a review on the new xbla game Pinball FX. Until i was getting frustrated and decided to tilt the ball during launch. Being so frustrated i ended up find a nice little glitch. If you thought the EndWar video was shaky, wait till you see this one.

Tutorial steps! lucky you!

  1. Tilt ball to the left
  2. At the point where the ball is almost out of view press A to launch. The ball should not be launched and end up hitting the wall and staying in the same spot.
  3. Keep the ball tilted into the little hole. I tried differentiating the direction of the tilt randomly pressing left or right. Just make sure that ball doesn’t launch yet.
  4. Here’s when the glitch occurs. On the left side you should see the “more balls” light. keep bumping the ball around until you see that light blink. Sometimes the view of the camera even changes. But you will see it.
  5. Let the ball launch. Another ball should load right after.
  6. As that ball loads you are still able to tilt. So repeat the process a little while so that a third ball can load. There is no way to tell if or not the third will load.


  • Will work on first launches and “airbag” launches
  • Must wait until the “more balls” lights up
  • As long as there is a ball in the launch pad, the board will never tilt.
  • Pressing A to launch is only needed to be pressed once. The table will attempt to launch automatically by itself.

Thanks RestlessSpectre for helping me master the trick.(send him a message on XboxLive saying “thanks” it will be funny)

There it is. RestlessSpectre and I discovered a way to get multiple balls on Speed Machine. Sorry for the amateur video and I also apologize for the much needed tilting. Hope you didn’t get dizzy watching. Have fun tilting those tables!

Feel free to ask questions. If you need help or have a problem. I’ll try to help as best as i can.

– Jerome “the360loop” Francisco –


4 Responses to “Pinball FX Multiball Trick!”

  1. 1 stop4stuff May 4, 2007 at 1:47 pm

    lol… i just downloaded the game today & ‘discovered’ the glitch too… I also put a vid up on YouTube 🙂

  2. 2 Amadeus Hellequin May 20, 2007 at 7:18 pm

    Gamertag: themajesticself

    Yeah I found this glitch also when I got pissed off at losing my 5th ball with 724 million on the clock.

    Make sure not to allow the ball to stay in the chamber as you launch another behind it. If the first one tilts & the second one is trying to launch they get stuck & there’s no way to free them & the game has to be reset.

    My friend la parca is # 1 in the leaderboard… he’s a fucker with this glitch.

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