Halo 3 leaked video & screengrabs!!


Did you watch the leaked Halo 3 beta video? Was there too much excitement for you to actually see anything? lucky you then because the guys over at GamePlanets took some great screengrabs of the video. check it out!


Here is a list of features that Xbox360Fanboy created to show what they have found interesting/new.

Matchmaking Menus

  • New veto system implemented.
  • Military ranks are used and the use of XP points help to determine a player’s skill level.
  • Three types of matches: Ranked, Social and Custom.

    General Multiplayer

  • Spiffy new spawn animation we call the “blue grid sweep”.
  • Spawn with an Assault Rifle and two frag grenades
  • Map is called Last Resort and is a re-creation of Zanzibar, but on crack.
  • Every HUD notification (deaths, awards, weapon pickups) pops up very bubbly-like.
  • Air lifts are included in multiplayer.
  • Teammate’s letter/code identifier expands when near, revealing their gamertag.

    Weapon Information

  • Weapons featured: Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, Plasma Pistol, SMG, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Spiker and Spartan Laser.
  • The Sniper Rifle’s radar features a bright green picture in picture scope.

    Equipment Information

  • Equipment items featured: Bubble Shield and Power Drainer
  • Equipment item listed under grenades on HUD.
  • First equipment item is picked up by walking over it, no button pressing needed.
  • Bubble Shield is a cone type device that doesn’t move, can be entered by any person, but no weapon can penetrate it.

    Vehicle Information

  • The Warthog, Ghost and Mongoose are shown. Both the Warthog and Mongoose are demoed.
  • Hold the “RB” to get into a vehicle.
  • [via GamePlanets, Xbox360Fanboy] 

    – Jerome “the360loop” Francisco-


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