Is Huxley better than Gears of War and Unreal?


Huxley is a sci-fi MMOFPS (massive multiplayer online first person shooter) set in a future Earth. The world is split in two factions;  the sapiens and the alternatives. If you dont know about this now is a great time to get informed and if you already know of this game, you’re probably readily waiting for its release date. First off if you dont know what Huxley is, it is a MMOFPS with a hint of RPG in it. All this being created on an Unreal Engine. Basically imagine you’re playing any other shooting game, with hundreds of people in one map and when you arent fighting you can buy/sell/upgrade different guns and armor.

Gamespot recently had a lengthy interview with the creators and gave us plenty information on what this game will offer.
And to make it easy on all of you im just gonna make a list. Lucky you!

  • The game is being developed by Webzen using the Unreal engine (Unreal, Gears of war and Blue Dragon)
  • Two playable factions: Sapien and Alternatives
  • Three “Battle Types”
    • Enforcer: heavily armored and close combat class
    • Avenger: medium armor assault class
    • Phantom: lightly armored sniper/scout class
  • Each profession determines what type of equipment you are able to use
  • Nine different weapon classes (not a complete list)
    • Machine guns
    • Shotguns
    • Sniper rifles
    • Rocket launchers
    • Ballistic
    • Energy-based optical rifle
  • Armors can be purchased and upgraded to give skills
  • There will be more than 100 skills at launch giving a strategic element. Giving you the ability to make different skill combinations.
    • Some examples:
      • Ability to sprint quickly
      • Cloak
      • Double-jump
      • Tackle enemies with a melee attack
      • Immunity to headshots
      • Automatically detonating your corpse as a blinding flash grenade when you are killed
  • Multiperson vehicles.
  • The game is planned to launch with two major cities holding opposite factions and eight smaller cities
  • Inside “safe cities” you will be able to purchase all equipment you need
  • 80 battlefields which can hold up to 200 players each. Where you can battle against AI controllers monsters or other players
  • Two types of battlefields
    • One where players fight against “hybrids” (i think that is the AI controlled monsters), which holds 64 players
    • A competitive battlefield where players fight each other. Holding 200 players.
    • Both can be played simultaneously in one map.
  • There will also be quests. Putting you into “story-based tasks”, field quests and large scaled raids.
  • Different grouping types
    • Squads of 4 players
    • Platoons containing 5 squads
    • Companies holding 5 platoons. (100 players in one team! You better make some space on that friends list!)
  • Groups can play different matches
    • Deathmatch
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Capture the Flag
    • Radar Domination: team vs team going to different radar towers set around the map. (sounds like territory or something)
    • Part Pickup: scavenge various robot parts on the battlefield in a competitive race to see which team can assemble a gigantic mech first. (holding a part leaves you vulnerable like holding a flag in any other CTF game)

Wheew thats a pretty big list. If i missed anything, do tell. I know this one’s on my list

 [via Gamespot]

– Jerome “the360loop” Francisco –


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